Can’t Buy Forever – Susan Laffoon

You can buy an escape…

Getting lost in a good book is something that I look forward to doing the most, especially when the weather is miserable and I can stay inside warm and happy with a cup of tea and a new book. It is safe to say that ‘Can’t Buy Forever’ was most definitely a book that I couldn’t put down. I was taken back in time to the 1950’s, experiencing the tale of Odessa Drake and holding on to every word.

My first thoughts on this book was that it would be a historical romance, I was happy as this would be a genre I am quite interested in. However as you journey further in the genre evolves and twists making this book a highly intriguing read. Speaking of journey’s the way that Odessa Drake (Dessa) narrates her story really feels as if you are there with her along every step. The level of detail in this book not only ‘paints a picture’ of Dessa’s life it brings you in so that you could almost feel exactly how she does in every surrounding.

The characters I felt were shown with such depth that you could really imagine what they would be like as people, Dessa as the young (slightly naive) girl with not much life experience and Nicolas the mysterious stranger who lures you in from the second you see him. Personally from the outset I was suspicious of Nicolas, with a hidden past you can never be too careful and at times I felt that he may have taken advantage of Dessa but the more you learn about him, my guard fell along with it. I do feel that I could connect with all the characters on some level and the way that the characters connect with each other really brings this story to life.

This book really made me go through so many emotions, I fell in love, laughed and cried along with Dessa’s journey and for me when you get that involved with a book you know that it is skillfully written. As mentioned before you are taken back to a time where you wouldn’t have even known, shown the ways of life of women in that era and taken across county on a journey that you will never forget.

As mentioned before this isn’t your typical historical romance, the twists and turns that this book takes you on are utterly brilliant! The plot twist at the end was so unexpected yet it fit so perfectly. Honestly I didn’t want this book to end, every page I turned I couldn’t wait to see what happens next. A beautiful book by Susan Laffoon, I can’t wait to read more of her work!

Until next time…

If you want to read ‘Can’t Buy Forever’ by Susan Laffoon yourself you can purchase it on Amazon by following the link here.

Bio: Susan Laffoon
Susan Laffoon knows whereof she writes having been raised in Glens Falls, in upstate New York. There, the Hudson River and the boulders that lie in its path, is Cooper’s Cave, a hide-a-way made famous in James Fedimore Cooper’s novel, ‘Drums Along The Mohawk.’ She visited this impressive attraction often growing up and listened to the rushing waters that echoed in the cave. There she decided to one day write romantic adventures. Thus as a young girl, while friends played with dolls, she imagined and scribbled stories of adventure to escape childhood responsibilities and unhappiness. She continued to journal through the years occupied with her husband, Greg, and seven children. It was discovered her love of storytelling was predisposed from a Scandinavian father who died young, a journalist for the Denver Post, a half century earlier. This passion is being fulfilled by his daughter, since putting aside her stethoscope and career as a registered nurse. “Writing has always been in the shadow of my heart”.

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