Awarded Top 100 Book Review Blog!

Couldn’t have done it without you…

I was extremely humbled this week to find out that I have been awarded a position on Feedstop’s Top 100 Book Review Blogs For Book Readers and Authors list. Honestly I didn’t think that I would even be considered for something like this but when I have such loyal followers, who share the same love of books as I do then maybe I can accomplish even the wildest of dreams!

I was awarded position 80 on the list, which considering I’ve only started my blog 3 months ago I felt extremely proud to get that position. Honestly, I would not have been able to achieve this without the constant support of all my viewers (whether that be directly on my blog or on my social media) and the authors that have considered me to review their work and have been so wonderful throughout the review process.

So I would like to say a big thank you to all of you, for the ongoing growth of my followers and the positive reactions to my reviews that all of you have given me. Without you I wouldn’t be following my passion in life and blogging. I hope to continue to write my book reviews and give you all great insight to the books, my thoughts and opinions and give recommendations on any future reading you wish to do.

Hopefully my blog will grow, giving me the opportunity to explore even more books and continue to connect with all of you. I look forward to sharing every step of my journey with you all!

Maybe next time The Book Box can get into the Top 50?

If you wish to view the full list, you can by clicking here

Until next time…

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