Letters to Eloise – Emily Williams

Such a small thing can change your life forever…

Firstly I must admit to being apprehensive about reading this book as you’ve probably guessed the main theme is ‘pregnancy’ – even though being a woman I still didn’t know if I could get into this book due to this… Oh how wrong I was! This book drew me in straight away with it’s beautiful narrative, wonderful characters and by the end it had me crying into my pillow!

This story follows the character of Flora (a university student who has fallen pregnant in her last year). The way in which the book is written is in a series of letters to her unborn child, going through the stages of her pregnancy and explaining her journey towards motherhood. My first impression of this writing style was admiration! It is such a unique way of writing that flows perfectly and keeps the story alive without feeling as if you’re reading a history textbook. You can really feel the love that Flora has for her unborn child, with every letter it just creates this unbreakable bond that leaves you breathless with awe.

The relationship between the characters is another reason the book flowed so well, it was also something that I could relate to… Having been in university and knowing what halls are like just made this book one step closer to home! Flora, Brooke and Brian are such close friends and you really feel the love they have for each other as this book progresses, they have no secrets between them. At the beginning of the book when Flora finds out she is pregnant her friend Brooke is the one that purchased the tests for her and supports Flora throughout her pregnancy showing the signs of true friendship.

The relationships that Flora has/had herself with the few men in her life was lovely to discover, from going back in the past to present with her tales of romance always kept me on my toes (especially when I really wanted to know who the father was at the very beginning). Her ways of explaining each love to her unborn child was as if a little girl was writing in her diary about her first crush, it was pure, honest and raw. Pulling you in and even had me rooting for my favourite man!

There are parts in this book that left me shocked (without giving away spoilers!) and as I went through the story I felt I was with Flora every step of the way, so for me when the book came to it’s final pages and what was revealed at the end really hit me hard! Don’t let that fool you into not reading this book though, every story needs a little heartbreak and knowing Flora’s journey with her pregnancy is something I would never want to miss.

I honestly couldn’t put this book down (to the point of reading it on the bus to and from work) as I was captivated with Flora’s journey. I laughed, cried and loved with every page of this book and thought that it was a wonderful creation that Emily Williams has made, I cannot wait to read more of her work as she’s shown such a beautiful writing style and a book that I will never forget!

Until next time…

If you want to read ‘Letters to Eloise’ yourself you can purchase it on Amazon by following the link here.

Bio: Emily Williams
Emily Williams lives by the seaside in West Sussex with her family and large menagerie of small pets. After graduating from Sussex University with a BA in Psychology, Emily trained as a primary school teacher and teaches in a local school. Letters to Eloise is her debut novel. For more information about Emily and her upcoming novels, please follower her on Twitter @EmilyRMWilliams.


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