Bloggers Bash Awards


As a start up blogger I rely on word of mouth quite heavily. As my followers are what make my blog grow I do value each one of my followers and honestly I couldn’t be doing what I love if it wasn’t for the constant support of my readers and the authors who I work with! However, one of the major boosts my blog can get is awards (currently my blog is on the Feedspot’s Top 100 Book Review Blog list) and this is where you come in…

The Bloggers Bash is now less than two months away, which means the ABBAs (Annual Bloggers Bash Awards) are back! Every year, they run a set of awards nominated and voted for by you.

I have no shame in asking for help especially when it’s to do with growing something I’m passionate about, I would love if my followers could nominate my blog for ‘Best Book Review Blog’ category. That is of course if you feel I would be suited for this award. With your combined voting I could stand a chance at being up against some of the famous Book Review Bloggers (and who knows, maybe even win!).

If you do vote for me, here is the information you need:

Name of the website: The Book Box
My email:

The link to vote can be found here, with more information on the awards itself.

Until next time…


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