Review Policy

Review policy

The Book Box is currently accepting (at my own discretion) books in any format, including e-books, audiobooks, paperback and hardcover for review consideration from publicists, author or agents. You may contact me via any of my social media direct messaging (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) or by email:

Please keep in mind:

  • I will respond to all requests (via the channels mentioned above), however may only approve requests that match my preferred genres.
  • My eReader is a Kobo Touch, so please only send me Kobo compatible files (ePub) if you wish to send an electronic copy of your book.
  • I will be writing not only reviews requested to me by authors but my own personal preferences and may choose to write about a book that I have chosen or that has been recommended by someone.
  • I have not and will not promise to write about any book in a positive way, I will be giving my honest opinion and review on any book that I receive (I have not and will not be receiving money for a positive review).

Preferred Genres:

I can honestly say I am genuinely interested in a wide variety of books and my tastes do change, so please don’t feel that you cannot contact me if your book doesn’t fall into the below genres but this is more so that before requesting you can get a good feel for what my interests are.

I am primarily a lover of fiction including the below genres:

  • Horror
  • Thrillers/physiological thrillers
  • Mystery
  • Young Adult
  • Romance
  • Gothic fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Paranormal
  • Drama
  • Fantasy (all sub-genres)

Commenting Policies:

I appreciate and read every comment to my blog. I do not moderate comments except in cases where I judge the comment to be either spam or trolling. I define trolling as comments 1. That does not reference the topic of the post at all, and 2. Whose only purpose is to antagonize. In cases where I do delete trolling comments, I will add a note explaining why I have done so.