Monthly Favourites

A small selection of books that I’ve enjoyed reading the most so far…


The White Raven – Carrie D. Miller

This story is such a beautiful journey of a witch living in Salem who has been cursed to live life after life, will she ever break the curse? Magic, friendship and love all tucked up in a wonderful book! See my review for more detail – click here

Letters to Eloise – Emily Williams

This wonderful book really gives you an insight into how motherhood can change you, especially if you are young when falling pregnant. Friendship and romance go hand in hand with this book and will brighten your day reading it. See my review for more detail – click here

Spells and Persuasions – S. J. Budd

This short story collection is something you need if you are a lover of horror and suspense, a truly thrilling collection of stories that will make you think hard about your own life choices! A gem of a book if you like the horror genre! See my review for more detail – click here

Joyful Trouble – Patricia Furstenberg

This children’s book is sure to put a smile on your face! Any dog lover will appreciate this lovely story of a Great Dane enlisting into the Navy. A short but loveable story that will warm your heart, even if you’re an adult you can appreciate this story. See my review for more detail – click here

The Calling – Louise White

This fantasy ride is something you cannot afford to miss! Following a headstrong protagonist you are taken into the world of demons, portal traveling and solving mystery. Something for everyone, especially if you like fantasy books! See my review for more detail – click here

I hope to update this page as often as possible (once a month) so that you can have my most recent favourites and suggestions for your own future reading!

Note: These books may be placed in a list, regardless of the positions they may be in I have thoroughly enjoyed each book that I’ve had the pleasure of reading and reviewing for my blog and this list should not be seen as a negative but rather the opposite as these books above I feel fit my top 5 listing for the month and are based here as my suggestions for my viewers to have the pleasure of reading the books themselves!